The Ultimate Competitive Advantage for your Business

For every dollar invested in a registered apprentice program, business can expect an average of $1.50 in returns. With 97% of businesses recommending apprenticeships as a training model, the return on investment couldn't be more clear.


Apprentices are far more likely to stay with your company after completing the program. 91% of apprentices are still employed nine months after completion.


Apprentices in a registered program are far more productive than their peers - $300k+ over the course of their career.

Better Recruits

Apprenticeships are like training programs for your company. Develop talent to best fit your culture, technology, and way of doing business.

A Simple Commitment

Our apprentice program is simple: Employers gain access to a huge pool of untapped local talent, support and wraparound services, and other government supported initiatives in return for paying a living wage and providing training support throughout the duration of the apprenticeship. It's a great way to help your local community and boost your business in the process.

promote inclusivity

Boost Workplace Diversity

Apprenticeship programs actively promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace - contributing to a more inclusive and equitable workplace environment. We've developed a simple 3 step outline for building work spaces that attract and develop talent from diverse communities.

1 - Recruite Diverse Talent

2 - Create Inclusive Learning Environments

3 - Design on-the-job programs that reward diverse viewpoints

A Proven Model for Success

Developing talent through apprenticeships results in a more dedicated, loyal workforce that is prepared to take your company to the next level. Apprentices can be developed from day one to rise into leadership positions and bring fresh, new ideas into existing work environments.


More Earned

Recommend apprentices as a training model


More Earned

By Registered apprentices than by their counterparts


of Apprentices

Are still employed nine months after completion

Make 2023 the Best Year Ever